Adult Basic Education and High School Equivalency Prep Program

We offer individual and small-group tutoring to adults seeking to:

  • earn their high school equivalency diploma by taking the GED or HiSET exam
  • improve their reading, writing, and/or math skills to meet career or educational goals such as enrollment in community college



Intake sessions are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month. At intake, applicants will learn about the program requirements, complete a client intake form, and have a brief interview to determine their career and educational goals.


LSH uses the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) to assess incoming learners as well as to measure progress for existing learners. The evaluation is offered only on the computer. LSH creates customized learning plans for learners based on their TABE results.

Kick-Off Meeting

Each learning cycle begins with a kickoff meeting during which tutors and learners review the learning plan and set up a schedule. During the kick-off meeting, learners may also set other goals for the learning cycle related to their career development or technology skills.

Learning Cycle

During the learning cycle, learners will:

  • Receive 3-5 hours of individual or small-group tutoring per week
  • Complete homework assignments after each session
  • Do 2 hours of individual work online per week
  • Work towards other goals set during the kick-off meeting
  • Participate in bi-monthly check-ins with LSH staff
Cycle Transition

At the end of each learning cycle, learners will be assessed to ensure that they have mastered the material on the learning plan. Based on the results of the assessment, LSH will create a new custom learning plan. The learner may be assigned a new tutor or be moved to a new small group; they may also begin preparation for high school equivalency tests.


To enroll, learners must attend one of our intake sessions at the LSH headquarters at 1340 Frankford Avenue.

  • Please call 215.426.8610 x 2006 or text 267.961.2337 for information on when intake sessions will resume.


Frequently Asked Questions

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